Project: nor 'Millenium Square'

A context driven project involving creative application of digital technology which
promotes the integration of the physical with the digital. An inter-disciplinary project
involving artist Annie Lovejoy and musician Roger Mills (members of the 'Here nor There'
collective:an international network of media practitioners), and the Mobile Bristol project
- a collaboration between the Computer Science Department at the University of Bristol
and  Hewlett-Packard Research Laboratories, Europe.

Stage 1
The design of wearable items to house a GPS locating system, which will allow wearers
to experience an audioscape as they move around Millenium Square in central Bristol
- an immersive experience triggered by the physical presence and location of the wearer.

The  audio content takes its starting point from physical attributes of the site
and will reflect the diversity and multiculturalism of Bristol, and cross-cultural
connections with Bristol's twin cities embracing the concept of 'a space between'
- cultures / location / distance / physical & digital.

The wearer will be able to collect an audio CD 'Trail' that
will document their personal journey through the audioscape.

FURTHER  funding is currently being sought for  Stages 2. &  3.

project in progress: