project in progress:  Here nor There at Millenium Square   << 

Intention: to produce wearable items housing the technology for user interaction
in consideration of a diverse public. eg.age, gender, disability

wearable 1. ( 2 jackets medium / XL)

key factors: ease of wear - comfort, image, weight, size, mobility
This design is an initial exercise in working with the technological components as they are developed.It is a customised jacket which incorporates discreet decorative elements such as the soundfile image embroidered on to reflective material. Similar in aesthetics to the Philips 'New Nomadsí designs it is a starting point for exploring some alternatives re.soft switches or gestural control. The forthcoming on-site trial will provide more information reception and user mobility (eg GPS accuracy) necessary for checking the functionality before finalising the design design of jacket.


wearable 2.
key factors: aesthetics, experimentation


The intention is to draw on previous research areas higlighted through the construction of pillow eg. embroidered circuitry,
intelligent fabrics. Pillow exhibited by Hewlett Packard (HP Invent) at Tomorrows World Live, Earls Court (June 2001)
-is an intricate construction of a pillow embroidered with interconnected electronic circuitry. Inspired by the jewel like
nature of circuit boards, the working circuitry of a small video monitor was reconstructed within a textured environment
of beadwork, copper thread& electronic parts.

Similar to pillow the new work will seek to explore and enhance the aesthetic qualities of functioning circuitry. The exact
format is undecided and could possibly be reduced to a minimum wearable item, such as a bag, belt and / or collar.