FURTHER ...here nor there... at 'Millenium Square'   << 

Expansion of the creative content outlined in Stage1
toward permanent installation of the wearables & audioscape
at theExplore Science Centre in Millenium Square with a Live Event (launch).

An inter-disciplinary exploration re. the performic and interactive potential of the technologies available.

Stage 2.
Refinement of wearables and audioscape toward permanent installation of the wearables
& audioscape at the Explore Science Centre in Millenium Square and a Live Event Launch.
Expanded web presence: info / samples / participatory elements at www.herenorthere.net
Audio CD 'Trail' - cover design / project info.

Host residency: for international collaborators
(Georgian vocalist/ethnomusicologist and German sound artist)
- production of new audio tracks & music workshop with inner city youth project The Basement.

Launch Event Research -
To explore the creative potential of the Imaginarium in partnership with @ Bristol to
present a live event which incorporates performic and interactive elements. Example
research areas: potential for participatory intervention such as mobile text messaging
for projection or 'comments' database, (applicable to HP / Bristol Univ. Wearables
Dept. 'end user' research). Creative uses re. video conferencing facilities / webcasting
eg. mapping the satellite transmission

Launch Event: The Imaginarium, Millenium Square - Outside/ Inside
A shared audience experience driven by live participatory elements.
DJ / VJ Mixes of Audio and Images: Streaming the audio feed from participant
wearers in the square into the Imaginarium.This will provide an audio soundscape,
which will be mixed with archive material from 'here nor there' sourced from the
twin cities of Tiblisi and Hanover. Televisuals: Combining a VJ mix of the locations
CCTV images with wearer cams to be fed back and projected into the Imaginarium.
Live music performance: Featuring singers Keti Nikoladze / Medea Tsulaia (Tiblisi)
and Natalie Deseke (Hanover) and Bristol based musician Roger Mills.

Stage 3.
Documentation / Archiving - Millenium Square Project  - Audio CD / CD / DVDRom
linked to internet. All aspects of CD / DVDRom & web production will draw on the
technical expertise of  'Here nor There' - Bristol (audio / video / design and programming).