project in progress:  Here nor There at Millenium Square    <<

key factors: sound quality, mobility, interaction, GPS accuracy

concept: An immersive experience triggered by physical location. The sound will reflect the diversity and multiculturalism of Bristol
plus Here nor There's cross-cultural collaborations  with musicians from Bristol's twin cities of Tbilisi & Hanover. Embracing the concept
of 'a space between' - cultures / location / distance / physical & digital.

context: Millennium Square is situated on Bristol Docks and covers an area of 45 x 55 square metres. It features a number of icons such
as a water sculpture, light installation,(Zenith), mirror tiled Imaginarium and life size sculptures of city notables such as poet Thomas Chatterton
and actor Cary Grant.
The mirrored dome (Imaginarium) will be the focus / reflection of multicultural life in Bristol and 
will contain a collage of audio and music sourced from everyday expressions of Bristol’s multi ethnic culture. It will also include short interviews with a cross section of peopleliving in the city about their experience of being here.

Sound samples are being constructed such as looped abstract sounds, spoken text, rhythms, bass lines, instrumental and vocal arrangements.
The audio experience will also contain ‘Maverick’ sounds that will act randomly in and around the audio sphere of the square.This will give
the impression of sounds moving around the wearer even if they remain still.
The light sculpture Zenith is located in the centre of the square and appears as 52 small lights embedded in the ground as a figure of eight.

This feature will represent our on going collaboration with singers from Bristol’s twin cities of Tiblisi and Hanover, as songs recorded at the same BPM (beats per minute or tempo). They will then be split into individual parts, e.g. string arrangements, vocal lines and rhythm tracks, allowing a seamless transition from one to the other. We invite the participants interaction in this, allowing the wearer to re- configure (remix) the songs according to where on Zenith they stand, walk or go back to. This tempo based audio locking will be a feature of all the sound dropped into the square and will also include sounds with longer delay, causing overlapping.

The audio sphere surrounding the sculpture of poet Thomas Chatterton will contain recordings of poetry or short stories
made by a number of local writers illustrating the rich and diverse nature of contemporary writing in Bristol today.
Other features in the square such as the water sculpture, bench’s and dock side will all be areas of differing audio experiences from sea shanty’s to abstract soundscapes all of which will give the participant the impression of moving into, past or through particular sounds.

As the participant moves around the square the audio trail they uncover will be recorded making it possible for them to take away a unique CD copy of their audio journey.