...here nor there...

The Four Dimensional Monument.  by A. Gérin


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War Called

Dirty Bomb

Walking the World War Dog

Something's gone wrong

One among 400,000

Mingrelian Lullaby

(QuickTime Video 7.9MB)
Music by Roger Mills and Medea Tsulaia
Video by Mac Dunlop

Anti-War Web Ring
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Radio Flora broadcast / web cast
showcasing recent audio work by
... here nor there... collaborators
Natalie Deseke and Roger Mills

Radio Flora, Hanover, Germany
November 22nd, 2002 at 17:00 (DE) 16:00 (GMT)

web cast : www.radioflora.apc.de
broadcast : UKW 106,5 Kabel 102,15 (Hanover)

sound.src was produced for recent live event at

Multimedia Centre
Maribor, Slovenia

live DJ/VJ event 20:00hr GMT September 7, 2002
and live radio/web broadcast thanks to
www.resonanceFM.com London, UK.

and was also featured as part of
35 hour non stop art action
Fournos Athens, Greece (29.09.02)


A live sound system mix by Bristol producer Roger Mills
featuring vocalist Natalie Deseke,
performance also featured live VJ - animations and visuals by
Neil Jenkins, Mac Dunlop and Annie Lovejoy.

Showcasing recent HNT music and sound collaborations
with vocalists from Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, and Hanover, DE.