following Mac's presentation at the networking party, London UK  June 2003
we got invited to Trondheim matchmaking festival in Norway 28-29 November 2003

a stimulating weekend of diverse projects
and above all else an opportunity to expand networks
... big  thanks to Espen, Trine and all the Teks team

Q. where do you get to discover a wondrously warm 'electwrongica' wizard
from your own home city?
A. Trondheim matchmaking - Kid Carpet

we did have some digi images
but we lost them... at least most of them,

but thanks to a lifetimes work in developing high speed application
hand/eye co-ordination with pen and ink
(accompanied by bottomless coffees & a very large ashtray)
most of the presenters are inscribed on a highly tactile surface & digitised along with other snippets & informative notions....

Mac, Annie & Frank watching videohometraining