from Venezia to Maribor
Kibla Window

Blue van tops slide outside the window,
where Boss and Gaulioses and West cigarettes
compete for attention,
and glasses stand racked in front of glass
inside and out.

Where the left hand, and another from the right
press against the pane,
while Marko pauses from serving drinks
to read the morning paper.

Having stood before the window wearing glasses too,
and speaking of logo’s and no-logo’s,
and marketing thought,
making transparent that which hides behind advertising
and in other words
separated by windows everyday,
as the world drives by
-there goes another white Lada-
turning somewhere
from left to right.

So, we talk about writing, from left to write,
and someone comes along,
so Marko returns to reading the paper
from left to right.

I look out onto the two way street,
some cars now passing by
from right to left

Expending the same fuel,
adding, not subtracting
to the mist
which smears this window view.


m. dunlop