where r u?

"All around the world, the mobile has become associated with a handful of phrases which recur like samples in a global dance track. These include 'on my way', 'on the bus', 'on the train', and other answers to a question which is now so common that it has come to define the mobile age: where r u? "

'on the mobile - the effects of mobile telephones on social & individual life' Dr Sadie Plant for Motorola 2001

where r u? - on a boat

you could be aboard the Tower Belle on July 13th 2003 experiencing 'a space of the imagination between cultures & locations. A vibrant multicultural & localised mix of performance, poetry & music. An audio visual experience ..between one place and another.. aboard the Tower Belle to Beese's Tea Gardens on Sunday, July 13th at 6:30 pm, 2003.

Here nor There collaborators:

Natalie Deseke - vocals
Mac Dunlop - performance, poetry
Neil Jenkins - visuals
Annie Lovejoy - visuals
Roger Mills - trumpet, audio composition

on board with ..here nor there..

Doreen Baidoo - poet
Roger Evans - poet
Alyson Sarah Hallett - writer
Paul Scott - poet
Sue Juggins - flute
Juliet McCarthy - cello


A floating audio journey of poetry and original soundtrack compositions by Bristol musician Roger Mills featuring recent Here nor There collaborations with singer Natalie Deseke (Hanover)who has worked with such notables as Lee Scratch Perry & The Vision. Plus a specifically composed sonata for flute & cello performed by Sue Juggins (flute) & Juliet McCarthy (cello)

Also included will be extracts of audio content created for a GPS/Wearable technology project designed for Millenium Square (Mobile Bristol - H P Research Labs & Bristol University Computer Science Dept.).

This collage of audio and music is sourced from everyday expressions of Bristol's multi ethnic culture inclusive of soundbytes from interviews with a cross section of Bristol residents.

...performance poetry...

....a journey of the imagination, which celebrates the vibrant & expansive realm
of contemporary writing & performance poetry in Bristol today.A unique opportunity to enjoy one of the most informative tours of Bristol by boat, while listening to stories and poetry reflecting the diverse cultures and histories of our city.


where r u? - on a network

you could be a thousand miles away knowing that your message will be launched at sunset from the banks of the River Avon on July 13th 2003.
Possibly to be discovered by someone, somewhere

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Paul Scott, a deaf poet.

Paul will perform a selection of unique visual poems in British Sign Language.

Paul is well known on the national and international Sign Language poetry circuit.



Doreen Baidoo, gutsy, deep & delicious.

Doreen is a black writer & poet, and " has been writing poetry for most of her life and hiding it away in drawers. Doreen says her career as a poet has crept up on her." She is one of Bristol's most prolific spoken-word exponents, and has appeared with artists such as Jean Binta Breeze, Benjamin Zephaniah, Andrew Motion, Dana Bryant and Linton Kwesi Johnson. She writes for public events, festivals, local radio & has recently published a collection of poems "Delicious"



Roger Evans, a poet Welsh born & lyrical.

a stream of observations , nuances of life & nature which spring from sources both personal & reflective. Published & active on the national poetry scene, Roger has been writing
and performing in Bristol for the last 15 years.



Alyson Sarah Hallett, is a poet & writer

"of powerful stories, written with spare eloquence,packed with tension, menace & longing"
'a talent to watch", as the sleeve of her recent book of short stories, states.
"The Heart's Elliptical Orbit" (Solidus Press)



Mac Dunlop ... Here nor There co-ordinator, artist & performance poet.

Mac has exhibited internationally & is a regular presence on the Bristol & national poetry scene.
He publishes electronically to subscribers & to a variety of internet publications



Sue Juggins - flute

Sue teaches flute & plays with a local Cameo Orchestra.



Juliet McCarthy - cello

Juliet has played for television & West End theatre productions performing with musicians such as Pete Townsend & Adrian Utley of Portishead.



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