Riddle Sphinx

Crawl child,
the church steps marbled
rough and whitewash outlined white
around this sun brown burn tan roasting,
skin wrap burlap of perspiration.


Walk boy,
the sea breeze calling
Ferry horns and fish nets hauling up the sky blue sea
beneath these constant ellipses 
of the sun
and dark white moon
in the ancient castro streets.


Swim man,
from Isle to shore, afloat
dipping into aquariums 
round every underwater rock face
barnacled and strewn
with liquid nature 
or some ghosts of classical pasts
in camouflage.


Three legged races
of ancient creatures
standing shoreline sighting ships
in sunlit ports
easing each day 
dawning, setting
night and day
that you passed by.
(Paros) 29/6/02