on-line 8/1/00 re. Electric December nor there.. Dec 21 1999 event @ Watershed
Mac Dunlop, Neil Jenkins, Annie Lovejoy (Bristol) in discussion with koka Ramishvili (Tbilisi)


Annie: so Koka how was the chat for you on Dec 21?

Mac: About december 21. I think there were too many people on line, so it was almost like a tourist situation, you know "how is the weather", "do you have christmas in Georgia?" and so on.

Koka: -- Just Entered The Room --

Mac: when we do an event like this again, we need more focus for the ideas. at the moment we are showing the process, but this is also difficult for people to understand.

Koka: I am agree with Macc, it's was like in station wit the lot of the people. and you have to find smebody and this is not so issy.

Mac: yes like tower of babel.

Annie: -- Just Entered The Room --

Annie: its difficult to have focus in chat with alot of people maybe?

Mac: koka, we will send video documentation of this event with anthea. It was exciting visually at the watershed. two projections, lots of computers. and Roger made amazing music mixtures of georgian and contemporary music.

Neil: yes annie.. too many people talk at the same time

Annie: the music mix Roger made was fantastic..more close in reality to the idea of "here nor there"

Koka: I thing so, it's really diffical, mayby 4 -5 people is OK not more. 2 - 3 is briliant.

Mac: but I think such a situation needs more preparation, or maybe the "live" chat needs more focus.

Annie: maybe the chat should have been only on small monitors, more intimate ..and just have transmitter on big projection?

Koka: Annie can you send music mix from Roger in smol resolution trough transmiter.

Neil: Koka, on the 21st you sent a piece of music to transmitter - chat.ra - who made this ?

Mac: It was a good situation for showing a lot of work between bristol and tbilisi. Projections of slides, catalogue displays, posters, lots of archive material. good publicity for this connection.

Annie: Neil is there snippet of Roger music on your watershed video..there might be small one on Macs ..maybe we can send to Koka

Koka: -- Just Entered The Room --

Annie: also when medico comes to Tbilisi she can bring tape she makes with Roger

Mac: we talk a lot about sound. I remember other discussions about this in connection with flight installation. That sound for one of the sound channels in an airplane might be the easiest work to negotiate. maybe now this is our starting point?

Neil: Anni, Koka, I am trying Now - give me 5 minutes...

Koka: The Musik was fro composer Nika Machaidze, Annie has other things from him.

Mac: I don't remember if there is any of the georgian sound mixes on the video footage I took, maybe.

Annie: wow..OK..Neil, YOU ARE A STAR!

Mac: Nika, yes, this minimal atmospheric music on cassette.

Annie: good idea Mac

Annie: for flight..

Neil: I am trying now - have a couple of mixes

Mac: sorry, been off looking at transmitter. maybe sound first, then maybe video with sound, then web movie, then objects. things picked out of the air between here and there...

Mac: for events like wtwershed maybe we can prepare more sound to come in through transmitter, and be used by roger or dj type person mixing live. If we could transmit video images for projection at the same time, so it is more like an action, not only conversation...

Annie: -- Just Entered The Room --

Neil: netRadio Bristol/Georgia

Mac: a space where language disappears...

Neil: Koka, you use real player to hear internet radio ?

Mac: yeah, net radio, maybe the next stage is to try an event without a location. only live in cyberspace. then to think about public event.

Neil: we can still talk during broadcast and decide what to

play/ show

Mac: what size video can we do though? download time is such a

pain. do we all have fast enough modems etc?

Koka: I havec vproble with sound blaster, but for some pisies I can take copie and take onthe other computer.

Neil: video is problem - if we all want to see at the same time

Neil: and quality is also bad - 160 x 120 pixel screen size is still rough quality

Mac: yes. when god made humans, he forgot about the bandwidth!

Neil: Koka, I have sound mixes, but too big , still trying...

Mac: I have been listening to "chat.ra" looking for more sound files in transmitter. maybe this is something we would do at the watershed. using fast line, and video projection. downloading still images into a computer running a video edit and play package.

Neil: yes mac, internet connection at watershed would be excellent to transmit

Mac: hmmm... good idea maybe.

Annie: -- Just Entered The Room --

Mac: koka, what is "chashechka". I get this name in playing "chat.ra"

Annie: -- Just Entered The Room --

Mac: yah mon, westside check it! rah!

Annie: herenorthere radio..yes

Annie: on internet and radio at same time..

Koka: It's little glass for cofe or tea.

Annie: watershed technology..old and new..transistor radios in cafe tables, roger dj

Annie: sound chips in glass or coffee cup..tables

Annie: sonic here n there

Mac: ahh, like turkish cafe."chasenchka", good.

Neil: my connection keeps dropping

Mac: ok. I better go, and let our neighbour bill have his computer and telephone back. Also I told oleg that today is National Metal Polisher's Holiday, so we don't work today. also the sky is blue and beautiful. bye for now annie/neil, see you tonight. Koka, I hope that we will share this same landscape together soon. for now, I enjoy speaking about you with medico and oleg. so much history my friend. Nacht vam dis/ ciao. love to all.

Koka: -- Just Entered The Room --

Annie: Koka ..nice to chat, to meet again ..soon i start again to work with project..good ideas today. Neil we see you tonight. we make lobio (whats that?????!)

Koka: ciao mac,

Neil: goodness knows !!

Neil: Koka, what Font do you use for Georgian Letters ?

Koka: ciao Annie and Neil.

Koka: Different, Lit nusx for example.

Annie: ciao Koka..I wish also you could be here in Bristol for a while.

Annie: maybe we come to Paris "in the spring"

Neil: can you email to me ? I am making a new web page with English & Georgian Fonts

Annie: much love to you and Tina..we speak soon CIAO

Neil: I send file to transmitter now roger.rm Ciao, love to all in Georgia