Seed Residency at Watershed
August - December 1999

"This working partnership is a collaboration between the artists and Watershed. Watershed has been refocussing its work with artists to explore and expand the potential for new media research and distribution, by supporting artists led initiatives at an early stage and extending our resources to collaborate on vital project development.

We are also intersted in innovative display and distribution techniques for new media work, involving the public interaction and usage of technology and its products. We identified the artists as having the skills to bring such work out in the public arena through their track record of experience in context-led practice and project management, through the developmental stage of the residency project nor there... already funded by Watershed.

Equally the artists identified Watershed as a collaborator with access to the requisite interests, technical and coordinating resources to enable them to work together on realising and facilitating this project."

Jacky Puzey. Curator, Watershed Media Centre, Bristol.


Working title: ' nor there...'

Artist-led links between Bristol & Tbilisi are well established, a recent exhibition & residency in Georgia (Sept / Oct '98) has fuelled new partnerships and projects between artists from both countries.

Bristol artists Mac Dunlop & Annie Lovejoy will be in residence at Watershed for 6 weeks to research and develop a structure for a future project in collaboration with Tbilisi artists Koka Ramishvili and Giorgi Sumbadse.

Watersheds facilities will be explored as a means for creative dialogue and production accross distance. In the West we tend to associate digital communications with efficient global networking. However, since the Republic of Georgia gained independence in 1992 infrastructures such as electricity supply (previously supported by the Soviet system) are still not reliably functional. This means that where on-line facilities are available in Tbilisi their use is frequently interrupted by erratic power cuts.

Creatively, this initiative takes its starting point from shared interests and previous projects such as My house is your house (Mac Dunlop) and Souvenirs from Georgia (Koka Ramishvili).

My house is your house - Mac Dunlop
Caravanserrai,Tbilisi 1998

Souvenirs from Georgia - Koka Ramishvili
Hybrid Factory, Ars Electronica 1998


These works reflect a common ground between difference "which lives its life on a greater scale than its constituant parts" Koka Ramishvili

With thanks to Watershed