microview at the microplex
The Cube - April 17 2000

Kirsten Winter
film maker from Hannover
Beta versions of 3 short films:

Kirsten Winter co-founder Anigraf filmproduction, Hannover (with Gerd Gockell)

CLOCKS 35mm, 7'12'','95 composer: Elena Kats-Chernin, music performend by Ensemble Modern, conducted by Braxton Blake first screening 'World Film Festival Montreal 1995'
Awards, Acknowledgements, Nominations:
- World Film Festival Montreal 1995: Short Film Award,
- Cinanima in Portugal 1995: Best Experimental Film
- Lower Saxony 1996: Art Award (money)
- Nomination for the SWF Film and Video Award (money)
- Krok/Ukraine: Best Debut Film 1997
- Prädikat: Besonders wertvoll (money for the next film)

SMASH 35mm, 8'45'', 1997, (performances with live music: Concert-Hall Vienna, Muffathalle Munich, Old Opera, Frankfurt) composed by Elena Kats-Chernin, music performed by Ensemble Modern, conducted by Jonathan Nott, first festival screening 'World Film Festival Montreal 1997', presented at the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn Awards
Acknowledgements, Nominations:
- Nomination 'German Short Film Award' 1997 (money for the next film)
- Besonders wertvoll 1997 (money for the next film)
- Ottawa, Int. Animation Festival 1998: Best Use of Sound

JUST IN TIME 35mm, 8'58'', 1999 composition and music: Simon Stockhausen for live-music and cinema screening. Oilpainting, scratched on footage directly and computer-generated footage are combined First screening with live-music: Kunsthalle Emden, June, 6th, 1999
Awards, Acknowledgements, Nominations:
- Prädikat: Besonders wertvoll (money for the next film)
- Best Short Film 1999, World Film Festival Montreal


Roger Mills & Medea Tsulaia
Mingrelian Lullaby
2 short videos

Mingrelian Lullaby
musical collaboration between singer/poet Medea Tsulaia (Tiblisi Georgia)
and musician/composer Roger Mills (Bristol, UK)

two short videos:

Mingrelian Lullaby (dub) [click for video]
Video from the ..here nor there.. archive, edited and produced with original text by Mac Dunlop.

Mingrelian Lullaby [click for video]
Video from recording sessions at Lemon Lane studio
edited by Neil Jenkins