Invisible Geographies residency project nor there... workshop for Watersheds Virtual Geographies residency project with Fine Art in Context BA students from the University of the West of England.

We were joined on line by Koka Ramishvili from Tbilisi giving students the opportunity to explore the creative possibilities of adaptor and transmitter.

"The parralel process what we are doing beecoms foir me part of my life and it becomes with wery nice aspect I meen it's like a one famaly who is working doing the things and always are in distance ( in good side )"

Koka Ramisvili
Adaptor chat 28.10.99

Example of the common ground between the virtual geographies projects at Watershed which the students were researching:

image created by Tbilisi artist Manana Dvali for the passport work by Koka Ramishvili

for the exhibition camouflage at
European Centre of Culture, Geneva.
Organised by Nelly Zedginidze
25 Nov - 5 Dec 1999

Yasser Rashid
From the interior [ min al-dakhil ]


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