Working visit to Geneva
November 24 - 27 1999

Mac Dunlop, Neil Jenkins and Annie Lovejoy meet Koka Ramishvili and Giorgi Sumbadse in Geneva. During the last nine months of on-line communication with the Tbilisi artists there have been a few occasions when they were exhibiting in Europe, whenever these visits occur we become increasingly aware of the importance of meeting. The recent exhibition at the Centre for European Culture in Geneva provided us with an affordable opportunity to join the Tbilisi artists for a concentrated working period.

We were welcomed with wonderful hospitality and accomodation was provided by the exhibition organisers at a nearby hotel along with the Georgian artists. The hotel room became a hive of activity, a studio space where we were able to watch the DV footage of the flight, listen to sound recordings and view CD and web material. These three days were an inspiring and valuable time for discussion and collation of the in flight material needed for the construction of this website which will be updated in January.

Added to this we were able to discuss ways in which to approach the problematics of language difference. It is not within our interest to present a website in a UK or Georgian version, we aim to continue the exploration of commonality and 'twinning' through creative use of text. Flight related interfaces constructed as containers will be programmed to access material from the on-line studio spaces adapter and transmitter. These 'containers' will become a focus for content creating a self-maintaining web presence that reveals process in the public domain.

Koka Ramishvili
for the exhibition camouflage at
European Centre of Culture, Geneva.
25 Nov - 5 Dec 1999

Annie Lovejoy
Images created from source material
taken during the Geneva trip.